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Welcome To My CBD Site by Katie Janz!

  What does "CBD" Mean?

CBD is Cannabidiol.  Which comes from Hemp.  

It reacts with our "Endocannabinoid System" (ECS) which has 2 main receptors, CB1 and CB2.  Our body makes endocannabinoids which as we age, we make less of them.  But they can BE REPLACED!.

Until recently I had never even heard of the "Endocannabinoid System".

Didn't know there was something important to know.  And I had no plans of being part of a "Cannabis Business" or any other cannabis stuff until......

Receptors -- CB1 and CB2.  Homeostasis (I did have an idea of what that meant but again ... totally in the dark as to what it means to ME).

Terpenes?  Cannabinoids and Flavonoids and Waxes?

Until I witnessed too many totally amazing examples
of what it actually does mean to know ...

And ACT on what
the "Endocannabinoid System" means.

Okay.  It didn't hurt that our friend's Holistic Vet told Vickie to go out and get some CBD Oil for our OLD Terrier dog to help her.  Her name is "Princess".  They rescued her as a pup and now she's 15 years old. She had declined in vision, hearing, mobility with her age.  

Princess as of  April 17, 2017 at 15!

Vickie did as the Vet suggested.  Jim ignored what was going on.

Until it became clear she's IMPROVING!  Princess is coming back.

She was sleeping most of the time.  The rest of the time she'd walk into a corner or just up against a wall and stand there.  Since she couldn't see well or hear well, getting "lost" was easy.  

Now less than 30 days later, she's active, responsive and moves around and is able to find her way!   TIME TO PAY ATTENTION.

I decided it was time to TAKE the time to learn more.  Learn what it could mean to my health.  My wealth.  My body and my well being.  

Look what a few of our CBD Product Users are saying

 Cathy J's Story:  In 2007, I watched a documentary available on You Tube and Netflix called "What if cannabis kills cancer?" About a year later, a friend introduced me to CBD Vaporizer pens. I discovered that it was difficult to find them anywhere else, and when I did, they were way out of my budget. I decided to become a representative in order to have access at a discounted pricing. Since trying some of the other products and hearing others personal stories, my mind is blown away!

THE SALVE- I am a mosquito magnet. They eat me alive! I applied the salve to my first mosquito bite of the season, and amazingly…. it disappeared! I have had several bites since, and have not had to scratch even one time. They just simply go away.

THE CBD CAPSULES.  Our dog Gage has joint issues and has acted like a sore and grumpy old man for awhile now. After just 5 days of giving him CBD Capsules, his entire mood has changed.  We now see him running, leaping, and bounding around like a puppy.

Just today, I shoveled 2 truckloads of rock onto my property. I shoveled one yesterday as well. I truly give the capsules the credit for helping me have energy (in 100 degree weather) without soreness that shoveling has often brought to me.  Thank You!

 Kellie C. shows her burns:  "Not long ago I accidentally poured scalding hot water on my inner thigh.  Yes ... bad!  What our CBD & Herbal Salve did to alleviate the pain and speed healing without scarring is AMAZING.  So amazing the wound clinic docs told me to tell everyone what I did, because they never saw anything like this.  SEE THE PICS HERE [Thank you Kellie for allowing us to share!]

   Cindy M. tells us:  "I was feeling very low on energy, hurting, especially my knee and didn't want to do anything that would make me spend energy or move.  The day I tried the salve on my knee, within 15 minutes it felt better.  After just a week or two using the CBD Oil I suddenly came alive!  In one day I weeded, did laundry, cleaned house ... I felt GOOD again.  Then, I made the mistake of running out.  Within 3 days the aches came back and the energy was leaving.  I won't do that again!."

   Ron N. shares:  "I'm an athlete.  I play high level tennis.  Or, used to.  With injuries, accidents and age, my body started breaking down.  I had a very bad knee issue.  Swelling, pain, but I was commited to playing 3 doubles matches the same evening I was introduced to these amazing products.  The salve took a couple of hours to really kick in, but that's to be expected as I could barely walk on it.  But it saved my match!  From there I got on the CBD oil and wow.  What a wonder product that is for how I feel and play now.  Thank you!"

UPDATE!  Here's a couple of pictures from my Labor Day Tennis Tournament win!


Very cool. CBD is totally responsible for me being able to play at this level.  
Thank you!

 Debbie S. shares a similar story:  "I have, over the years, had my share of health issues.  Many from simple over-use.  Energy and back muscle issues were high on my list of things I deal with.  It didn't take long... a few days to a week and I noticed when I did yard work, gardening, house chores, I had NO muscle issues afterward.  The CBD oil in capsules works best for me and I love how I feel on this product.  Thank you!"

 Vickie S. had this to add:  "Beside the astounding results for my little dog, Princess, I put our 13 yr. old 95 lb dog, Dozer, on it too.  He's moving better, acting more like his "younger self" and feels better too.  I feel like someone gave me a hydraulic fluid injection that lets everything move easier now!  Freedom of movement, no stiffeness, no pains.  I sleep great, my mood is balanced, great long lasting energy to get going and do stuff.  I say, 'Get on it and try it for yourself ... now!'  You can only benefit!"

 Jim S. tells his story   "At first I had no idea what to expect, other than watching what was going on with Princess (the 15 yr. old dog).  And it was clearly a 'Wow!" moment to see her respond to CBD.  Within a few days of taking CBD the first thing I really noticed was I stopped the constant tossing and turning in bed at night.  I could just lay there ... and fall asleep.  Then the stiffness, aches and general lack of motivation to do chore type things changed.  Suddenly I'm trimming our horses hooves, mowing the lawn (4 hours) weed eating (2 hours) doing other 'Man Chores' all because ... I FELT like it!  Wow!  There's so much more it's done and from what we can tell, the IMPROVEMENTS KEEP COMING.  Best advice?  Invest a little in YOU with CBD.  It can only pay off in feeling better and being healthier in ways you cannot even imagine right now.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

 My Mother-in-law Maxine, is 80.  She's been using the  salve on blisters and dry skin on her nose (they were getting concerned!) and the CBD oil for health. She had been having knee issues... gone. Ever since she was off chemo in 2004 her bones hurt her. Gone. We're so grateful for these products and her sharing her experiences with us! — with Vickie, Monica, Kaylynn Wagoner and Maxine Anton. ....feeling happy

 Our friend Adolph is 89. He started on CBD oil and salve about 2 weeks ago. Big issues with his knees, elbow and hands and occasional gout. He still takes care of his 2 mini horses, 2 goats and a sheep. Chores were tough. Not now! Saw him today and he's thrilled. Love the stories people share! ...feeling happy.




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